Material: Leftover ink, recycled paper, felt                           Leftover Ink

Ink is more expensive then Chanel No.5, Gasoline or Gold. Yet we have huge amounts of ink waste... So what do you do as printing house with your leftover ink at the end of the week? Studio Renée Boute has given value to these worthless leftover ink of printing house Raddraaier Amsterdam.

With this goal in mind, Studio Renée Boute has developed a writing set. This writing set consists of: writing paper, envelopes that is printed with the leftover ink. In combination with the 100% recycled paper, this writing set approached the leftover ink as the rare stamp.

The writing set also contains a dip pen, writing leftover ink, pen-wiper and a alphabet worksheet. All the essentials to write a letter.

The ink has a different color every week, making each edition a surprise!!

Total writing set€28,00 incl. Tax

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